NYPower 19, Day 1: Short and dry

Well, now, this is better. Better than last year when the grass was up to your waist and the standing water was up to your ankles… or higher. This year it was dry enough to mow, dry enough that they had to take a short putting-out-the-grass-fire break. A big, flat, short, dry field. I like it. Blue sky, winds 5 to 10 MPH it says here — seemed stiffer. We did get an odd dust devil coming through in late morning; it took down a popup or two, while leaving nearby ones more or less alone, then carried a couple cardboard boxes off into the field before continuing on into the soybeans. Weird.

Aside from the Clunes, who are SRC members but not remotely Syracusans, I was the first Syracuse Rocket Club member to arrive. In fact the only other one to arrive except for James, who was present but not flying. My son stayed home because relatives on his mother’s side are in town. No, that’s not why I didn’t stay home. Not sure where everyone else is, except maybe planning to spend their rocketry time and money on LDRS next month.

Well, more for us, as they say.

Not that I hogged the pads or anything. In fact my first priority was to stop at the AMW trailer to pick up a couple items I ordered last week: a Ceseroni H120 Red Lightning motor for my certification flight, and the 38 mm hardware to go with it (the latter free, thanks to the Ceseroni certification special). Then I put the Metalizer with a C6-4 on a launch rod to start off. 2015-05-23 11.00.47 Screenshot 2015-05-23 at 8.07.28 PM.pngWeathercocked a little but not bad. If there were a closest to the flagpole contest it would have been a contender at about 8 feet. The first rocket in the next rack looked like it came down in a similar location, but did it stick the landing? Mine did. I should’ve taken a photo before picking it up; oh well.

Next was the first flight for my Photon Disruptor. IMG_3767No flight photo, sorry. B4-4, per the Estes first flight recommendation, but I guess I built heavy — it was decidedly underpowered. Still recovered all right. Maybe I’ll give it a C later this weekend.

Lunch was pulled pork from the Three Legged Pig. Next I decided it was time to inaugurate the 24 mm hardware I bought last August with a CTI E31 reload in my Mega Mosquito. Someone else brought up a MM with a black powder E to keep it company on the rack.2015-05-23 13.33.25 Screenshot 2015-05-23 at 8.14.36 PM.pngThe winds had picked up a bit and shifted by then, so altogether this was my longest walk of the day, almost but not quite to the soybeans. In the next low power rack there were three Mega Mosquitos. Well, that’s the Estes holiday sales for you.

I spectated the rest of the afternoon, conversed, and shopped — a 24 mm motor retainer and six Q2G2 ignitors. If I’d had a chance to paint some of my winter rockets before this I’m sure I would’ve launched more, but as it is I don’t have a lot of rockets with me and want to save some for later. Anyway, watching is fun and a lot cheaper than launching. Then I went off to the hotel and had dinner and blogged and stuff like that.


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