NYPower 19, Day 2: Rerun

Day 2, much like day 1: warmer, a little cloudier, but similar winds, and still dry: No J and up sparkies allowed. Once again I made three flights.

I had a few minutes after breakfast and spent them adjusting the fin slots on my Excel and doing a dry fit. Then it was time to go to the field. I arrived to find people prepping for the day, including Tom Cohen, who was showing off a new and untested 145ish pound, M powered tube fin rocket. IMG_20150524_095107Later on I and several other people helped Tom set up his similarly large Red and White on the away tower, but that was after I flew a slightly smaller bird, the Patrioony, on a C6-5. IMG_3779 (1)In fact that was the first flight of the day. It went well, showed where the winds were — at that moment; they kept shifting. It also provoked a few smiles and laughs as I was setting it up, which is pretty much the point of the thing. Better yet, it shared a rack with a Patriot.IMG_3780 (1)

My t-shirt also was approved of.IMG_20150524_093650

I held off on further flights and watched worriedly as winds out of the south carried several flights into the wheat field, not a good place to land without a screamer. Then the flags started flying more to the east and I went ahead and prepped my Mustang with an Aerotech single use F42-8. IMG_3794 (1)More worrying as two of the preceding flights off the mid-power rails lawn darted. Things happen in threes, they say. But no, my 18″ Top Flight chute came out and brought the Mustang down… a few feet from the soybeans. IMG_3797 (1)Then I went back to thinking about spending money. Motors? Kits? A larger Top Flight chute?

After lunch I figured it was as good a time as any for my Ventris, flying on a CTI G57. My first G motor, and first use of my 29 mm 3-grain case. (Two grains and a spacer.) IMG_3798 (1)Boost was fine. Ejection, fine. Recovery… well, the chute decided it wanted to see the world. The rest came down a little hard. The second annual Ventris fin repair will be taking place in the near future. IMG_3800 (1)I had the shroud lines attached to the snap swivel using a loop of thin Kevlar, which works okay for low power but obviously wasn’t strong enough for this situation. I need to figure out a better approach.

So, yeah, I bought a larger Top Flight chute. And a Mini Max.

Tom’s tube fin rocket flew toward the end of the day, and was awesome. I got pizza for dinner, then back to the hotel.

Oh, did I mention it was dry?IMG_3803




One thought on “NYPower 19, Day 2: Rerun

  1. I really can’t wait to get started building my Ventris – I love the looks of that rocket. But I’m moving to Boston at the end of June, so I have to hold of on any new builds (for myself) until I move.

    The Patrioony is bigger than I thought it was.

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