Building the Binder Design Excel (part 3)

I brought the kit with me over the weekend, and I did have a few minutes to spare Sunday morning to work on it. The pre-cut fin slots were just a little, maybe 1/16″, too short, so I lengthened them for a snug but not impossible fit. Here’s a dry fit of the finsIMG_3777 (1) and here’s the full stack.IMG_3778 (1)This morning I started assembling the fin can. Following instructions, I dry fit the forward centering ring before pushing the motor mount into the body tube. Then I inaugurated the fin fixture by bungee-ing the tube to it, after which I mixed some epoxy, applied it to just the root edge of a fin — keeping it off the sides of the tab — and put the fin in place.IMG_3812

I’ll do the next fin tonight. I’m giving them plenty of cure time especially since I’m awaiting delivery of some milled fibers to use in the fillets to come.



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