Building the Estes (clone) Ranger (part 9)

Oh, hey, it’s paintbug season!

IMG_3871Thanks for the footprints, bug.

It wasn’t even the only one on this rocket.IMG_3872And another besides those. Jackpot.

Paintbugs aside, another problem I’d not noticed before became apparent on painting. The fin paper was lifting at the edges.IMG_3881Ugly! I used up a glue stick a while ago and started using another, one I had some qualms about. I forgot if that was before or after I did these fins. I’m guessing before. I won’t be using it again, anyway. I got some thin CA down under the edges and closed them up fairly well, but there’s still a slight bit of bubbling on the fin surfaces.

As for the painting, I wanted a 1963 kind of look. Unfortunately the 1963 catalog picture was monochrome. I don’t think there was a color photo of the Ranger from Estes until its last catalog appearance in 1971 (PDF) by which time it was on its third livery. Nor do the instructions (PDF) help that much: “[G]ive it a bright final coat of red, fluorescent orange, or cerise to make it more visible in flight.” I looked up cerise in the dictionary and, nope, don’t have any. Well, in the 1963 picture it looks like a lighter color for the body and nose cone and a darker color for the payload section, so I went for Rusto 2X yellow and red. As did the paintbugs.



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