Building the Squirrel Works Callisto (part 5)

Once again, down to the wire. Still working on the rocket I want to use in Saturday’s launch contest. Not that it hasn’t been flyable for months now, and it probably would’ve performed better unpainted, but I want it looking good. Weather is barely cooperating.

I had trouble with the Rusto 2X Gloss White again — new can, bad texture. Several days later I tried again, same can, same rocket (sanded down) and it was fine. C’mon, Rusto.

I decided I wanted something more elaborate than plain black for the fin can. I did a Jupiter C / Redstone inspired paint scheme. There were a couple minor masking failures I had to touch up but honestly I was expecting worse, given that I was not taking my time to do a really careful job. I also over-sprayed some of the paint and got some runs. I’ll live.


Not shown here is the nozzle, which I hand painted with Testor’s “Aluminum” paint (aluminum rocket nozzle eh?) after priming and using Bondo spot filler to hide the seam.

So it’s down to the decals, and then prep for launch.


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