Building the Art Applewhite Scimitar (part 1)

While glue was drying on the Rose-a-Roc, I decided to throw together a Scimitar. This is a cardstock saucer model available for free from Art Applewhite’s site at It wasn’t even on my list of possible builds two days ago, but that’s cardstock for you.

I spent just about 30 minutes assembling this. There are three pieces: Top, bottom, and motor mount. I used glue stick for the main body but switched to white glue for the motor mount. And I didn’t stop for lots of pictures. Here’s the top piece:IMG_4081 And here’s a bottom view of the assembled model.IMG_4082Now the glue just has to dry, and I’ll figure out what to do about decorating it. After which clear coat and done.




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