Building the Estes D-Region Tomahawk (part 5)

I put a coat of gloss white on Friday, and it seems to have gone on pretty well. Today I started on the other colors — specifically, I did red. There are two sections of the, well, you could call it the nose cone but in scale terms they’re in the payload section behind the nose cone — anyway, the plastic thing. Also one of the fins (left rear as you’re looking at the scale launch lug) is red, and the trailing edges of all the fins are red. But the “fillet” parts of the fins are white. Got that?

So I masked for the red and sprayed.IMG_4084 Someone was complaining about Rusto 2X red on the Rocketry Center forums recently, but it’s behaved well for me.

There were a few small masking failures I’ll have to touch up, but honestly, it went better than I was expecting.IMG_4085 IMG_4086

Black and brown next… when the weather permits.



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