Building the Shrockets Sea Sting (part 9)

I used gloss paint, of course, because you don’t want to try to put decals on flat paint, but I felt a flat finish would be more suitable for a (faux) military rocket like this. So after putting on the decals I hit it with Testors Dullcote. I nearly didn’t, because after buying the Dullcote I realized it said “lacquer” on it, and normally there’s a rule that says you don’t put lacquer over enamel. But I googled it and found it’s okay. Apparently the solvent in Dullcote isn’t as hot as in some lacquers, and in any case you normally do only light coats of the stuff. Of course I don’t believe everything I google, but I tested it on my trusty shoe box lid (the one I’ve been testing color paint on) first. Looked good, so I went ahead. Two coats, which may or may not have been too many, or too few, I don’t know, but it looks all right to me. Definitely the flat finish look I wanted.

Then I added the nose weight, rigged up the shock cord, glued down a decal that was trying to lift up, and took some pictures.

2015-07-17 IMG_4370 I like it! I swear I was not rushing to finish this in time for tomorrow’s launch. It just worked out that I got it done the night before. Assuming we don’t get rained out, I’ll fly this on a C6-3.


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