Repairing the Sky Condor

When I went to fly the Condor yesterday I realized I’d never gotten around to repairing a problem. The Condor is designed without a thrust ring, so only the tongue on the motor hook stops the motor from moving forward. On the last flight, the hook was shoved forward into the body tube.IMG_4794 I flew the rocket yesterday anyway, but clearly the hook wasn’t going to be any help in keeping the motor from moving. So I used a tape thrust ring — several wraps of masking tape around the last 1/4″ of the motor.IMG_4801 That worked, but for future flights I wanted an internal thrust ring. So I stiffened up a side of a thrust ring with thin CA before cutting out a segment. (This kind of ring tends to fall apart when cut if you don’t glue the layers together.)IMG_4799 Then I put some epoxy inside the body tube, inserted the thrust ring with the missing segment lined up with the motor hook, and pushed it to place with a motor casing. I put more epoxy in the body tube hole where the motor hook tongue goes through, and under the hook just behind the tape. (After taking this picture I cleaned up the excess epoxy along the sides of the hook.)IMG_4800That should allow future flights without needing a tape thrust ring, and without shoving the hook forward again.




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