Building the FlisKits Rose-a-Roc (Part 6)

I didn’t much like the thought of gluing the other ends of the rubber bands to slits in the nose cone, so I decided to give the other way a try. I drilled small shallow holes in the nose cone above each rotor.IMG_4796 Then I pushed pieces of wire into the balsa at the bottoms of the holes, pointing away from the rotors, and filled the holes with epoxy.IMG_4797 Prickly.

I wasn’t sure what to do about hooking the rubber bands over the wires. After it was too late I realized could have just glued both ends to the rotors. Perhaps the best solution. Instead I first figured out how much I wanted to stretch each band — ignoring the bit about “E-flat above high C”, if for no other reason than these bands are longer than the standard configuration — then folded each over, secured it with a bit of thread, and finally glued the loop with CA. I put a CA applicator through the loop to make sure it stayed open.IMG_4803 Is this going to work? I have no idea, which probably means, no, it won’t.

I scribbled some red Sharpie on the nose cone, rotor upper surfaces, and fins, and called it done.IMG_4805Not my finest build, really. Alignment accuracy was not what it could have been. Frankly I’ll be a bit surprised if it doesn’t tear itself to bits on the first flight, or even before that.


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