Building the FlisKits Buck Shot (part 1)

There was a lot of glue-it-and-wait on the MLAS, so I decided to multitask by starting on the FlisKits Buck Shot. I suppose there must be a good reason why they call this model that; I just don’t know what it is. Anyway. My first MMX rocket. Here are most of the parts.IMG_6040 Plastic streamer, surprisingly thick Kevlar shock cord, body tube, motor tube and block, centering rings, tiny nail, nose cone, fiber fins, ring fin, instructions. The launch lug isn’t here because I overlooked it at first.IMG_6046It’s really easy to overlook.

The motor mount is pretty much standard, aside from being tiny.IMG_6043On with the fins. Too small for any gluing fixture I have, so I went old school, one at a time by eyeball.
IMG_6055 Meanwhile I used a BT-60 fin marking guide to mark fin positions on the outside of the ring fin; then I transferred the marks to the inside.IMG_6064 Once the fins and launch lug were glued I put the ring fin on, using the marks to make sure the fins were at the correct angle.IMG_6067I’ll seal the balsa nose cone before completing assembly.


One thought on “Building the FlisKits Buck Shot (part 1)

  1. Jim Flis said it was called the Buckshot, because the MicroMaxx engines were about a dollar (a buck) each when the kit was first released.
    I think the thicker Kevlar is used now because the original thinner braided Kevlar was more prone to burning through. Just a guess on my part.

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