Enter Sandman

Reports of the death of Excelsior Rocketry turn out to have been slightly exaggerated. Gordon Agnello thought he was going to have to shut down after his latest Alps printer started showing signs of giving up the ghost, but it turns out it’s still working, more or less, and, better yet, he was able to get another Alps printer from Tim Milligan of Apogee Rockets. It’s still a fairly shaky footing for a business to be on, and he’s looking for alternatives, but meanwhile he’s still making and selling decals.

Unfortunately during all this he lost his web site; go to excelsiorrocketry.com and all you find is a dead site. Gordon apparently felt no real attachment to the name Excelsior, though — it came with the company when he bought it — so rather than pay an exorbitant price to regain the domain name he just bought a new one: http://www.sandmandecals.com/. The pages still says “Excelsior Rocketry” but he’ll be changing that to “Sandman Decals” soon.

So things are a bit rocky but still going! Which is good; I have a couple upcoming projects, a clone and a rescale, for which I’ve decided I’d like decals, and not homemade ones (they feature white lettering). Sandman didn’t have them in stock but I queried and he printed them off, so I’ll have them soon.



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