Building the (scratch) Micro Fat Boy (part 1)

Let’s press on to the next one! In late 2013/early 2014 I bought two Mega Mosquito kits during Estes sales. I built one Mega Mosquito — and one Mosquito, because they give you the parts for both in one kit. The other Mega Mo I intend to kitbash into a Fat Boy clone. And the other Mosquito… well, symmetry suggests making it a Fat Boy too, right? A 1/5x downscale Micro Fat Boy.

It’ll be small. Shorter body tube than the Mosquito, and less swept back fins. The Mosquito can barely hold a 13 mm motor, especially if you modify it for nose blow recovery like I did. 13 mm would be hopeless in a Micro Fat Boy… I think. So the obvious thing to do is make it MMX powered. In fact that’s why I bought and built the Buck Shot, to get some MMX experience in before this project.

I’m not the first to do this. Tucker5246 posted a picture of his back in August 2007; unfortunately the picture’s now a dead link.

Here are the Mosquito parts — all six of them:IMG_6134

I didn’t use the fins, obviously. Nor the launch lug, which is comically huge even on the Mosquito — I substituted an MMX lug. So those parts went into the stash, and out of the stash, humorously enough, came some 1/16″ balsa left over from the Mega Mosquito build. (The Mega Mo used 1/16″ balsa pieces as skins laminated onto a thicker fin core.) One of these gave me plenty of material for the Micro Fat Boy fins.IMG_6137

Also shown in that picture are the parts for an MMX BT-5 motor mount, bought from FlisKits. While shopping there I also picked up some 16 lb Kevlar thread, shown in the picture too, but I didn’t use it here. (I think it’s intended for parachute shrouds. Or at least, the FlisKits Buck Shot uses much thicker Kevlar for its shock cord.)

Construction was simple enough. The motor mount went together in typical fashion. I filled the balsa with CWF and sanded it before tracing and cutting the fins. (I based the fins on this information, and not the fin pattern at which, as it says right on it, was guesswork.) I didn’t bother rounding the fins — frankly, the less height I can get on this thing, the better. Well, to a point.IMG_6146

Then launch lug, fillets, Kevlar to motor mount and motor mount into body:IMG_6161 Ready for finishing.IMG_6173


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