Broke and confused

I’m a bit mystified as to what happened to the Big Blinka. The shock cord leader (running from the motor mount to just below the end of the booster section) broke, just above the centering ring — i.e. at a point away from the blast zone. It doesn’t look to me like it burned through, just broke; it’s darkened near the break but not severely. I guess maybe I could imagine it got some glue on it at that point and that made it brittle, but it doesn’t feel that way. Or maybe a hot piece of motor debris happened to land on it and burned it through. I kind of like that theory; it could have happened well after ejection, accounting for why the booster and upper section landed so close together, and it’s consistent with the break being right at or close to the centering ring. But who knows? Of course this is the rocket I decided not to bother with replaceable Kevlar on. The body tube’s a bit creased from my stepping on it but I’m not worried about that, from either a structural or an appearance perspective. I gave it a second coat of primer today, will paint it ASAP and reattach the shock cord probably with a trifold. The Rxiiiab got a coat of primer too.


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