Remember me? Okay, been busy. Also been hit with various life. I’ll deal.

Anyway, rocket club meeting tonight, and two vehicles came loaded with rocket stuff seeking new homes. A former club member decided a while ago to get out of the hobby and another member bought up his extra kits, motors, and other stuff for about a quarter of list price. So that was for sale. And another club member is moving to another state and donated to the club a load of built rockets he doesn’t want to move. Those were for sale too.

(Also in James’s car was his new nose cone, made by Python Rocketry, for his Level 3 project: a 12x upscale of the Estes Fat Boy. It’s big. 40 pounds of nose cone.)

From the first stash I bought an Estes The Dude. The guy must have gotten a good deal on Dudes, because he had 9 of them. The Dude is one of Estes’s weirder rockets, dating from about 2001: It’s over 7 feet tall and flies on a D12-3. No, really. It’s mostly an inflated balloon, with fins and a motor mount attached. It recovers on a 12″ parachute, which seems superfluous to me. A silly thing, but at 75% off original price, why not?

Also a LOC Precision Norad kit, or most of one; needs a centering ring.

From the second load I picked up a built, flown, and slightly distressed Estes Cherokee-D. I’ll see if my son wants it.



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