Building the Starlight Saber (part 2)

Done with the Saber. I ended up giving it a fairly simple paint job: solid Rusto metallic gold, Testors trim tape stripes. Insides of the tube fins are black at the top and red at the bottom.

I was going to use the included decals, but the first one dissolved in the water! I could have given the other a clear coat and used it, in fact I could have replicated it and used two, but I decided to just leave them off.IMG_7022I intended this to have a replaceable Kevlar shock cord leader, but that’s tricky with a BT-20 mount in a BT-50 tube; I put a slot on a long 20–50 centering ring, but what I ended up with was a very small diameter hole buried very deep alongside the motor mount tube. I had a hard time poking a stiff wire through it. Kevlar would have been next to impossible. Instead I just used a trifold mount, with a round elastic shock cord.


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