Buying the LOC Precision Fantom EXL

The Mark Riffle Memorial Rolling Rocketry Garage Sale put in an appearance today at the Syracuse Rocket Club launch.IMG_7154 I was unable to talk myself out of snagging another bargain: For $20, a LOC Precision Fantom EXL.IMG_7319 Evidently Mark’s keeping the chutes and shock cords, and the “electronics bay” here is just an empty coupler. Still, not bad for the price, eh?

It looks like a big rocket but actually that’s an optical illusion:IMG_7320 In fact under certain conditions it can even appear to be two different rockets.IMG_7321 The little one’s seen some hard times, I guess.IMG_7322 And the big one as well. One fin’s broken off and been reglued. Looks like the airframe’s been cut and reglued too.IMG_7323

I’ll consider doing some refurb work on both, though probably not a total makeover. The big one will give me a platform for experimenting with electronics, budget and inclination permitting.



2 thoughts on “Buying the LOC Precision Fantom EXL

  1. Rich,

    I’ll look though my rocketry bins and see if I can find the inside for that ebay. It will just be a couple of bulkhead plates, threaded rod and a sled. I won’t need it.

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