Building the Estes Big Daddy (part 5)

Been a long time since my last Big Daddy post, though I think I’ve mentioned it was in primer, and that I won another Big Daddy kit at the August launch so swapped its good nose cone with the wonky first one.

Here it is after color paint:IMG_7324 This was my first attempt at a rattle can fade, and I think I did okay, though there’s room for improvement. You can also see I epoxied the Estes motor retainer on.

And here it is finished, with decals.


Pretty much the face card decor, which I’m not really wild about but I didn’t have any better ideas. I did leave off the four small diamond-shaped black decals that are meant to go around the nose cone, because they didn’t float my boat. There was also a second Big Daddy decal which I omitted, because there wasn’t really a good place to put it — the fourth side of the airframe being taken up with the launch lug.

There’s one more club launch scheduled this year… for October 17, not exactly prime weather season in Syracuse. We’ll see if this gets into the air before 2016.



3 thoughts on “Building the Estes Big Daddy (part 5)

  1. I thought about using the decals from the second kit to do the opposite side, but I’d be working around launch lugs (recall I added a second lug at the base, where the yellow decal would go) and being up against the launch rod it wouldn’t be that visible.

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