Rocketry goals review for Sep 2015

Season’s winding down… Any rockets I don’t finish in October probably won’t be finished until May next year or later. I’d hoped to get more of the rockets left from last year done by now; I’m pessimistic about finishing them all this month. Getting close though.

  1. Level 1 certification Did that in June.
  2. Fly an I motor Did that in August.
  3. Put an entry (however pathetic) into at least four club launch contests and four club launch themes Flew the D-Region Tomahawk in the September theme/contest as well as the Downscale Patriot and the Jupiter-C for the theme.
  4. NARTREK Silver The D Region Tomahawk is also for the scale requirement.
  5. Complete all rockets in progress or in the build pile as of 1 Jan 2015 (see first 10 entries in table below) Completed Saber, Big Daddy. Worked on MLAS, Xarconian Cruiser, Fat Boy, and Micro Fat Boy.
  6. Adhere to a budget In spite of unanticipated secondhand rocket and kit buying I’m still a little ahead of budget. Over on rockets, under on motors and supplies.
  7. Fly lots of stuff 5 flights (5 motors; 39.391 N-s) in August; 37 flights (41 motors; 1031.98 N-s) for the year.
  8. Have fun I’ve had better launches than this month’s but it was pretty good. Decent meeting, and building went okay.

Victories and notable activities other than the above:

  • Newsletter published? No, but getting there.
  • Repairing Ventris and Fantom Mini.
  • Completed The Dude and Buck Shot.

2015 builds:

Rocket Status as of 1 October 2015  Notes
In progress as of 1 Jan 2015:
Starlight Saber Done
Shrockets Sea Sting Done
Quest MLAS 1st color paint on
Estes D-Region Tomahawk Done
Estes Xarconian Cruiser 1st color paint on
In build pile as of 1 Jan 2015:
Estes (clone) Fat Boy 2nd primer on
(scratch) Micro Fat Boy 2nd color paint on (needs touch up)
Estes Big Daddy Done
Estes (clone) Ranger Done
Excelsior Honest Goon Done
Acquired or plan to acquire in 2015 (for goals):
FlisKits Rose-a-Roc Done
Squirrel Works Callisto (modified) Done
Binder Design Excel Done
Acquired or thinking of acquiring in 2015 (other):
Art Applewhite Scimitar Done
ASP or Semroc V-2 (18 mm) Some parts in hand Have decals (for White Sands Round 3), need kit.
Estes Scion Build pile
Estes The Dude Done
Excelsior Nike-G Some parts in hand Have decals and fin stock, need Baby Bertha kit
Excelsior Pink Mini Max 1st primer on
FlisKits Buck Shot Done
LOC Precision Norad Build pile Needs (at least) 1 centering ring
(scratch) Big Blinka Done
(scratch) C6-3 burner Some parts in hand Working on design, will presumably need to get parts
(scratch) Flake Working on design
(scratch) RX Build pile For August 2015 2016! launch theme
(scratch) Rxiiiab Done

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