Building the Estes Xarconian Cruiser (part 13)

Finally today, I put the second color on the Xarconian Cruiser. Again without telling you about it, I’d put the first color on… which should have been white, and the second color tan, but for some reason I failed to consult the instructions and misremembered the paint scheme as tan and black instead of tan and white, so I started with the tan. Or whatever Rusto calls this 2X color. Khaki I think. So, okay, I needed to cover tan with white instead of with black. No problem.

I pretty much followed along at home with Chris Michielssen except, of course, backwards, as it were. I tested the Rusto 2X gloss white before aiming it at the rocket and for once it was well behaved. Then I went ahead with it.IMG_7436 IMG_7439I’m really pleased with the result. I’d been saving this model to paint after almost everything else, worrying it was going to be a bigger challenge that I was ready for. Well… as of color number 2 (of 4!) it’s fine. Nothing wrong with the mask, or at least nothing wrong enough to make me want to try to fix it. I’d only make it worse.

(The tail shroud wasn’t masked carefully because it’s going to be painted black anyway. Which would have been easier if I’d done it before gluing it, but too late for that.)


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