Building the (scratch) Micro Fat Boy (part 3)

Next, the decals.

Sandman Decals listed decals for the full size Fat Boy, but they were out of stock, and unsurprisingly there wasn’t a 1/5x downscale. But I wrote to Gordon and he printed up a sheet for me with the full size decals and two copies of the downscale decals. I only requested one copy, but he was able to fit two, and maybe he figured I’m likely to lose the first one I make. Maybe he’s a smart guy. (And since postage for several sheets is the same as for one, I also picked up a sheet of flag decals which also includes NASA meatballs and logos and “UNITED STATES” and “USA” text. Plenty of white in those flags and meatballs so not easily done at home. Glad Sandman’s still with us!)IMG_7446I put the decals on, then I applied a Pledge clear coat.

I checked the CG with a motor, wadding, and streamer installed and decided it’d be fine if I just glued the shock cord into the nose cone. Here that’s happening, along with nose weight for the standard Fat Boy.IMG_7527 And it’s done.IMG_7530 Here it is with big brother.IMG_7536


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