Building the Estes Xarconian Cruiser (part 14)

It got up to 69°F today. Not a record for the date (that’d be 76°F; we might break the record tomorrow though) but a good deal nicer than usual for this time of year. Windy until mid afternoon, but in late afternoon it was fine painting weather.

I’d decided to try a liquid mask for the cockpit canopy. Tape would have been just too awful to contemplate. So I got a bottle of Parma’s stuff. Then I Googled for information like, oh, how do you clean this stuff up because they don’t tell you that on the label. They really don’t tell you much. They say to use it in a well ventilated area and if swallowed, don’t induce vomiting, call a physician, but they don’t give you any clue what to tell the physician it is that just got swallowed. Sheesh.IMG_7546

Granted, it’s a small bottle, not a lot of room on the label, but the drug companies figured that one out.IMG_7558

(Hmm, time to toss that Advil, I guess.)

Anyway, what you clean it up with is warm water, and I didn’t swallow any. I applied it fairly thick, looks pretty gloppy:IMG_7543 but it dried thin and clear. I put on three coats, allowing each to dry several hours. No hurry; not launching this until spring. I’m not sure it made sense to lay down tape first but I did, and then more tape later. Then I sprayed Rusto 2X navy blue.IMG_7552 And then the dramatic moment: Unmasking. The liquid mask peeled right off, and the paint job looked — well, pretty good! In fact I think for some reason it looks more ragged in this photo than in real life.IMG_7555

As for the tail shroud, given that I wasn’t smart enough to paint it before gluing it, maybe I should have been smart enough to brush paint it, but no, I maskedIMG_7549and sprayed. The result was not as pretty good. Some touch up will be required. Not too bad though.



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