Last ones up

Today was the annual Walt’s Secret Santa event at Walt’s HobbyTown. Walt’s celebrating his business’s 40th anniversary.

There’s one more Syracuse Rocket Club event this year, the December meeting, but this is the last time our club launches rockets for the year — a few demo launches of very low power birds in the small space next to the building. Weather was pretty good, temperature in the 40s with only a little breeze.2015-11-21 12.02.08 Other than that, we set up a display of rockets, motors, other equipment, a poster, and a slide show. You might recognize some of these rockets. Can you find three Fat Boys and one Fat Boy nose cone in this picture? Hint: One Fat Boy may be too small for you to spot, and the nose cone may be too large for you to spot. The fins and centering rings for that one are there too.2015-11-21 13.52.50 Walt stopped by for a visit.2015-11-21 13.53.44I didn’t win any of the bazillion door prizes, as usual. Free doughnut holes and pizza though.



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