CTI, once

I was unaware CTI (Ceseroni) ever made single use motors, but apparently just a few years ago they were selling a Pro130 O25000 and a P8000, both single use. Only reloadables appear in current product lists, though.

Seems that’ll change again, and this time from the other end. Sunward Hobbies writes:

We are pleased to have the new CTI Pro29 single use 80F125-7 motor available for demo flights.

This is a brand new motor that has not even been approved for DOT [transport] in the US.

Plans are for a December flight at the Cambridge Rocket Club.

Kinda cool! Though it’s not obvious to me how interested I’d be… CTI reloads are easy to make, enough so to just about eliminate one of the main selling points of single use motors. Of course on specs this might be attractive in some cases — it’s significantly higher impulse than any 29 mm CTI reloadable F (which generally are around mid 50s N-s) and slightly higher average thrust than the 56F120 Vmax. I prefer my rockets non-teleporting, but that’s just me. Anyway, new motors are good.



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