Silver bells?

Finally, at tonight’s club meeting, I was able to get the paperwork completed for the NARTREK Silver scale requirement, relating to the D-Region Tomahawk I flew in September. That’s the last of the four requirements I had to finish. Now I just have to print a picture of the rocket (I can do that right now, but I want a color picture, and the color printer’s at another location) to attach, and send it off to NARTREK Base.

So NARTREK Gold in 2016. Shouldn’t be a problem! All that’s required is to do more systematically something I’ve done already — designing, building, and flying a scratch design. I’ve started already, or at least, I have a first stab at a design in OpenRocket. Nothing radical: three fins, payload section, nose cone. Mostly BT-50 but just for the heck of it, to make it not entirely boring and to make 24 mm power easier, it has a BT-55 lower section. Which could become BT-60 maybe. Payload section because if I’m going to be systematic I might as well stick an altimeter in it… that’s in the OpenRocket model, in fact. Thinking of calling it Au-198.




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