Reward for a job well done

Another thing that happened at last week’s club meeting was, sort of, elections. (Technically our bylaws say “elections” happen in January, but since there’s never more than one nominee per office, they effectively happen as soon as the nominees are decided upon.) Mark Riffle’s departure for Plymouth, MA left two vacancies: he was the club President and Tripoli Prefect. Scott Sellers moved up to President and Roger Forell is the new Prefect.

Scott had been Vice President/Secretary, and I was nominated for that office but declined. My past track record at presiding over organizations like this has been highly mixed, from okay to disastrous, and I don’t want to do it again; since the VP is supposed to act as President in the latter’s absence, and is usually expected to take over when the President leaves office, I did not want the VP job.

After some thinking, though, I decided I could be Secretary. In fact I have been doing most what I would do as Secretary for most of the past year —taking notes on the meetings, for newsletter purposes. So I’m taking that job and James Shattell, who’d been Treasurer, now combines that job with Vice President.

It’d be nice to have five people for the five offices, but it’s a small club.

So, Secretary, editing (writing) the newsletter, adminning the Facebook page, oh, and keeping track of club launch statistics — another job vacated by Mark. But at least I’m not President, and I’m not in charge of the port-a-potty.



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