Rocketry goals review for Nov/Dec 2015, and for the year 2015

[Edit: Minor tweaks…]

There’s almost half a month left in December, but not much is going to change, I think. Maybe a minor tweak if I get a rocket for Christmas or something, but I don’t expect to. So here’s how my 2015 rocketry goals went in the past two months, and a wrapup of the year.

  1. Level 1 certification
    These months: N/A
    This year: Did that in June.
  2. Fly an I motor
    These months: N/A
    This year: Did that in August.
  3. Put an entry (however pathetic) into at least four club launch contests and four club launch themes
    These months: N/A
    This year: Entered 6 contests (B Streamer Spot Landing, 1/2A Cluster Duration, A Glider Duration, A Helicopter Duration, Sport Scale, Random Duration), 5 themes (Scratch-Built Rockets, Cluster Rockets, Gliders, Odd-Rocs, Scale Models). Won one contest. DQ out of two.
  4. NARTREK Silver
    These months: Scale requirement completed and paperwork submitted.
    This year: Completed. Payload requirement done in 2014; cluster, glider, and scale requirements done this year. Certificate received 28 Dec.
  5. Complete all rockets in progress or in the build pile as of 1 Jan 2015 (see first 10 entries in table below)
    These months: Completed Xarconian Cruiser.
    This year: Completed all 10.
  6. Adhere to a budget
    These months: I budgeted to spend $40 and actually spent $15 on kits and parts; I also renewed my NAR membership ($62) which I didn’t have to do until January and so hadn’t budgeted, but that’s just a shift from next year to this.
    This year: I finished almost exactly on budget altogether. I spent a good deal more on kits and parts than budgeted and of course $62 more on dues, but those were balanced by under budget spending on motors and supplies, and by unbudgeted income from sale of a couple DRT kits.
  7. Fly lots of stuff
    These months: Nothing.
    This year: 38 flights (42 motors; 1040.80 N-s) for the year. Fewer flights (38 vs 60) and motors (44 vs 60) but more impulse (1040.80 N-s vs 751.357 N-s) than 2014. Is that “lots”? I kind of would have liked to fly a little more, but it was fine.
  8. Have fun
    These months: Secret Santa, couple of meetings and a little building. Good.
    This year: Yep.

Victories and notable activities other than the above:

These months: 

  • Secretary(-elect) of Syracuse Rocket Club

This year: 

  • Newsletter published 3x
  • Secretary(-elect) of Syracuse Rocket Club
  • First time as LCO
  • Revived SRC Facebook page


Edit: I added the following section, which might change by the end of December… if it does, I’ll update it.

On this blog:

These months:

This year:

2015 builds:

Rocket Status as of 1 Nov 2015  Notes
In progress as of 1 Jan 2015:
Starlight Saber Done
Shrockets Sea Sting Done
Quest MLAS Done
Estes D-Region Tomahawk Done
Estes Xarconian Cruiser Done
In build pile as of 1 Jan 2015:
Estes (clone) Fat Boy Done
(scratch) Micro Fat Boy Done
Estes Big Daddy Done
Estes (clone) Ranger Done
Excelsior Honest Goon Done
Acquired in 2015 (for goals):
FlisKits Rose-a-Roc Done
Squirrel Works Callisto (modified) Done
Binder Design Excel Done
Acquired in 2015 (other):
Art Applewhite Scimitar Done
Estes Blenders Assembly (almost) done One for me, one for son
Estes PSII Booster Done For son
Estes Scion Assembly (almost) done
Estes The Dude Done
Excelsior Pink Mini Max 1st primer on
FlisKits Buck Shot Done
LOC Precision Norad Build pile Needs (at least) 1 centering ring
(scratch) Big Blinka Done
(scratch) RX Build pile For (presumed) August 2016 launch theme. Needs “nose cone”.
(scratch) Rxiiiab Done

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