New model rocket for Christmas?

Did you get a new model rocket kit for Christmas? Check out these useful resources for beginners or recent returnees to model rockets:

  • Stine’s Handbook of Model Rocketry is the book to read. The most recent edition is over a decade old, and even then some of it was a bit dated in some people’s eyes, but this is the standard text for anyone looking for in depth information.
  • Apogee Components — There are lots of online and local vendors of model rocket kits, parts, and accessories. See the list mentioned below. I’m singling out here because when you make your first order they’ll send you a free DVD showing the whole process of building a rocket. They also publish a frequent newsletter and a series of videos, both providing lots of ideas and information.
  • There are two national rocketry associations in the US:
  • Canadians, check out the Canadian Association of Rocketry. Similar organizations exist in some other countries; Google for them.
  • Directory of local clubs  at Enter your home town and it’ll show you the nearest clubs. If you can get to one, do! Not only can the members give a newcomer some great help, advice, and ideas, but if they’re running regular launches in your area it’ll save you the trouble of trying to find a good launch site. Don’t shy away. They’ll be glad to have you aboard. Some clubs (in the US) affiliate with NAR, some with Tripoli, some with both or neither.
  • There are several online forums:
  • There’s lots of information at It can be a little daunting to navigate but it’s well worth it.
  • I keep a list of rocket kit producers and a spreadsheet of rocketry vendors.
  • Check out some rocketry blogs! Like this very one, Rich’s Rockets, for example. Latest posts are here, and you can get updates via an RSS subscription or by email using the form at the top of the right sidebar. There are lots of links to other blogs and other rocketry sites to explore in the sidebars on this site.



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