Building the Estes Blenders (part 2)

Blender #2 is pretty much a rerun of Blender #1. One thing I did differently: It’s hard to sand the wood surfaces on these little parts after applying wood filler, so after using an emery board to sand the edges, I installed them back into the holes in the balsa sheet. 2015-12-27 10.00.30(Is there a word for the leftover balsa? Kind of analogous to sprue for plastic models?) Then I used a sanding block to easily sand all the pieces at once.

You’ll notice I didn’t fill the triangular reference piece.

Another difference between the two: Evidently the second balsa piece was planed a little thinner than the first, because the all tabs fit in the slots nicely without sanding other than to remove excess filler.

And finally, I put the fins or panels or whatever you call them on the second blender in the opposite direction of the first, so we can drag race them without temporarily altering the length of Earth’s day.IMG_7716

I’ll finish these when it warms up.


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