Happy new buy

Because I was over my 2015 budget in that category, the last three months I didn’t spend anything on new kits or parts (for myself), aside from a portion of a small order from Estes which was driven by a need to buy Christmas gifts. Now it’s 2016. The embargo’s lifted.

Not that I’ve spent a ton of money — yet… Some bulkheads for the Fantom and centering rings for the Norad from LOC Precision, a Pie in the Sky kit from Squirrel Works, and a, um, “nose cone” from eBay.

Meanwhile I’m researching gliders and plastic models and designing a B streamer spot landing bird. Which is looking a lot like a Baby Bertha, so I might just bash a BB kit for that, of which I have one, but I’ll need two if I want to do that and the Nike-G.

Happy New Year! Not broke yet!


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