Building a flexwing boost glider (part 2)

Today I made the spring hinge. This started with making the bending jig, but I made mine a little different than Van Milligan’s.IMG_7768There are three nails rather than one at the apex: Two close together, really adjacent to one another, on each side of Van Milligan’s single nail, and one slightly separated on the center line closer to the “Wire Hinge Nail Jig” label.

I centered my 4 inch piece of 0.015″ music wire in the gap between the single and the paired nails.IMG_7771 Then I bent the two ends down.IMG_7774 Using long nose pliers I straightened the two sides out.IMG_7777 Then I bent the loops around the other nails.IMG_7780 I bent the ends at ninety degrees.IMG_7786 Here’s the spring after taking it off the jig and trimming the ends. Van Milligan spends some time squaring off the center after initially bending it around a single nail. With the modified jig it gets bent square in the first place.IMG_7790I used thread to secure the hinge to the center spar and soaked the thread with thin CA.IMG_7821The wood I’m using is spruce rather than basswood, because that’s what my local hobby store had.


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