Building a flexwing boost glider (part 3)

Time for the side spars.

My wife brought a handful of these things home a while back. I don’t know what they’re called. I don’t know what they’re used for. It looks like they consist of 4″ of 0.015 music wire with a plastic knob on the end.

Wait, why didn’t I just cut the knob off one of these and use it for the hinge instead of going and buying music wire?

Well, anyway, I cut one off close to the knob. It made a good “drill” to put a hole through the spar for the hinge end to go through.IMG_7824Then I wrapped and glued the two side spars to the hinge.IMG_7827 I set the angle with a piece of thread.IMG_7832 IMG_7844 IMG_7847 Next I laid out the plastic — a produce bag from the grocery store — and put contact cement along the center line and the front part of the side edges.IMG_7850 Here I deviated a bit from Van Milligan’s procedure. I applied contact cement to the entire top surface of all three spars. Once dry the rear parts of the side spars won’t stick to the plastic where there’s no contact cement on that. This is easier than sticking the fronts of the spars down and then trying to get contact cement on the rear parts.

I mis-placed the spars on the first attempt, though, so had to start over on the plastic. That’s okay, I didn’t really want the grocery store logo on it. Why I didn’t use the non logo side of the bag in the first place I don’t know.

Then I stuck the spars down, and after that applied contact cement to the rear parts of the side edges of the plastic.IMG_7853Once that dried I stuck the spars down and cut off the excess plastic.
IMG_7856 IMG_7860Can’t give it a thorough test in the limited space available but it does glide. Obviously I’ll want to hit this with a bright colored marker but other than that my first flexwing glider is done. I have enough materials for one more (and just need another few pieces of spruce for about six or eight more) and it’d probably make sense to have a few to choose from, but for now one’s good enough.


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