Insomniac checkin

Sorry about the radio silence. There’s been stuff happening and stuff not happening and all that.

What hasn’t been happening is actual building. I do have fins cut for the flexwing but attempts to talk myself into airfoiling them have been countered with procrastination.

I’ve been messing around with figuring out how to handle the “nose cone” for the RX odd-roc. I think I know what I want to do and it doesn’t involve buying more parts, so that’s something I can start in on… sometime.

I’ve also been firming up my designs for the B2S3, the (first) rocket for the B streamer spot landing contest, and for the Au-198, my NARTREK Gold rocket, and I think I’m going to build Geoff Landis’s Nymph rocket glider. Those do involve parts I don’t have yet so an order’s gone out to Discount Rocketry. I also need some other parts which I’ll probably get from eRockets and Rocketarium.Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.15.28 AM wm

The eRockets parts I can presumably pick up later this month in person when I go to Dayton for NARCON. I’m a little concerned about the execution of that event, given what I’ve seen so far in terms of the web site and Facebook group. There was basically nothing at all on the site until a several weeks ago, no schedule until sometime in January, no registration page or information until late January and last time I looked the registration page wasn’t yet working. The latest Electronic Rocketeer said to just email and let them know I’m coming so I did that but haven’t gotten a reply and have gotten a reply (this morning) saying I’m registered. Well, I have a hotel reservation and finding places to eat shouldn’t be a problem, and there’ll be rocketeers there to talk to, eRockets and a museum to visit, and if all else fails there’s whatever else there is in Dayton. As long as the weather doesn’t turn horrible it should be a decent weekend.

There was a club meeting Monday night, with a presentation on dual deployment. I took some notes. I’d like to try flying the Fantom this summer.



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