Building the (scratch) B3S2 (part 3)

Next up, installing the adjustable nose weight. I decided to use a small pill bottle (which used to hold 10 Advil).IMG_7896 I pried out the plastic insert from the cap, and found that if I substituted two disks cut from 90 pound index cardstock the cap would not be too loose but wouldn’t be quite as childproof as it was.IMG_7899 I reamed a couple holes in the bottom end of the bottle, and three more in the nose cone. I also scuffed up the inside of the nose cone and outside of the bottle with 100 grit sandpaper.IMG_7902 Then I put tape over the holes on the outside of the nose cone. I cut a centering ring from cardboard — mainly, I suppose, to keep the bottle upright while being glued. Then I put enough epoxy in the nose cone to reach over the holes in the bottle when I put it in.IMG_7908

So now I can add variable nose weight by putting clay or BBs or whatever into the bottle, adding some wadding to keep it in place, and screwing the top on.

Here’s how it’s looking. I’m thinking I want to put a screw through the airframe into the nose cone shoulder. Other than that it’s just finishing and rigging the recovery system.IMG_7911


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