Building the (scratch) R13 (part 3)

The launch lugs are going to have to stand off the ST-115 just slightly, because there’s this ridiculous tiny piece of BT-55 going in at the front. Only a tenth of an inch larger diameter, but there you are.IMG_7956 I don’t have a punch the right size and strength to make the needed hole in the centering rings. So I drilled, put thin CA on and let it harden, and drilled again.IMG_7959 For the other centering ring I punched a smaller notch, applied thin CA, and then filed it larger.IMG_7963There’s a bit of a snag here: The centering rings are too far apart for any of the 3/16″ lugs I have. Don’t know how I missed that. So I’ll get some longer ones — hopefully those and a few other parts will come back from Dayton with me after NARCON. It’s probably time to switch back to the front end now.


2 thoughts on “Building the (scratch) R13 (part 3)

  1. Yes, I placed my order last night. (Not just launch lugs, of course, but I tried to keep it under control. What’ll happen on site will be another question…) Of course eRockets is right there in Dayton and I plan to pay a visit — still, getting this nailed down in advance is good.

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