Building the (scratch) R13 (part 4)

That little piece of BT-55 forms the middle of a barrel-shaped transition between the main body tube and the “nose cone”. I glued in BT-50 to -55 centering rings.IMG_7965 Then I cut out the upper and lower transition pieces, two of each printed on cardstock, with gluing teeth on one piece of each pair.IMG_7970 Here they’re glued together.IMG_7971 Then I put the lower transition piece on, glued to the inner BT-50 and the main body tube; I glued the center section to the BT-50 and the lower transition; and I glued the upper transition to the center section and the inner BT-50. And I put a chunk of wood on top. That’s not the “nose cone”. It’s just to hold the glue joints together.IMG_7974 And here’s how it looks so far. That is the “nose cone”, not attached yet, nor will it be until I’ve finished the rest.IMG_7977


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