Estes Model Rocketry Technical Manual

I notice this has appeared recently under “What’s New” on the Estes site:

002819 – Estes Model Rockerty Technical Manual Description

Welcome to the exciting world of ESTES model Rocketry! This 46 page technical manual (in English, Spanish and French) provides both an easy-to-follow guide for the beginners and references for the experienced rocket enthusiast. Some of the topics covered include Construction Techniques, Types of Glue, Stability, Starter Installation, Clustering and many more subjects to ensure successful model rocket launches.

And yes, they did say “Rockerty”. Price is $2.99 but it’s out of stock.

I don’t know how or if it, or rather the English section of it, differs from this (English only) 2012 publication (PDF) you can download for free from the Estes site. The tables of contents match.


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