Let’s be jolly

I heard about the Jolly Logic Chute Release before it was, um, released, and when it was I was taken a bit aback by one thing: the price. It was well above what I’d guessed it would be. My reaction was, “Interesting. But costs more than I’d want to spend and more than I’d want to stick into one of my rockets.”

After two days of NYPower I think I’m starting to feel a little differently. There have been a lot of flights using it and they generally have gone very well. I haven’t witnessed anyone prepping a rocket with one but I imagine it’s a lot faster and easier than setting up a black power dual deploy. And after walking after my Excel that came down from 2000 feet (give or take) on a main deployed at apogee, it’s something I can think about developing some lust for. I’d thought about learning to do dual deploy this year; for various reasons I don’t think I will. Nor am I going to run out and buy a Chute Release just now. But maybe next season.

One thing I’ll note, though, is that there was one Chute Release flight I saw yesterday (I think it was yesterday… it’s a blur) where the chute failed to deploy. I don’t know what went wrong, but the rocket came down fairly hard. It does seem to me that the Chute Release doesn’t allow for redundancy, really, unless of course you pack two separate chutes or something.

Of course if you want something that will guarantee the safety of your rocket, locking it in a vault and never flying it is your best option. Anyway, this thing seems to be very popular and, if not failure-proof, at least it works well generally. I wonder how many companies will contemplate the market, try to find a non patent violating way to accomplish the same thing, and undersell Jolly Logic? Could get interesting.


One thought on “Let’s be jolly

  1. I’m on a pretty tight budget, but I got the Chute Release, and I’m glad I did. Works great, and for people like me who live in an apartment, no need to deal with black powder, so I don’t need to worry about the hassles associated with that.

    As for redundancy, one option (which does include two Chute Releases – twice the price) would be to link them together. Hook one into another, and the second into the first. If one fails to release, the other one should still work.

    There will be an upcoming episode of The Rocketry Show where we discuss the Chute Release with John Beans at length. It’ll be a good show – lots of information.

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