NYPower 2016: Sunday / Monday

I was on my own Sunday, Kenny deciding to stay back at the hotel. Having flown all black powder Saturday, I decided to lead off Sunday with some APCP purchased from AMW the day before. The Excel went up on a CTI H152 Blue Streak with the delay drilled to 10 seconds. 8 seconds might have been better. Might not’ve. 10 was definitely post-apogee but not by an unreasonable amount. Apogee deployment at roughly 2000 feet meant something of a walk, of course. But the flight was fine.IMG_8971 IMG_89812016-05-29 12.55.41

The day’s highlight was, well, not the Excel on an H152. Nor was it the atmospheric optical phenomenon of the day, a halo around the sun. IMG_8985It was Robert DeHate’s full scale replica Patriot missile flying on an M6400. Beautiful flight. M6400 is a Vmax motor but on a > 200 pound rocket, “vmax” is a relative term. The motor roared for an instant, the rocket rose majestically and kept going to about 1200 feet, it separated at apogee and both parts came down under chute for a perfect flight.

So then of course I had to fly the Patrioony on a C6-5. It perversely decided to arc over the flight line and landed on Performance Hobbies. The preceding rocket — an Estes Patriot — took a similar trajectory, so they adjusted rod angles afterward, but I don’t think rod angles were entirely responsible. But I don’t know what was. From the burst mode pictures, there may have been enough rod whip to account for it — it’s a small rocket, but with lots of nose weight, and maybe a 1/8″ rod is too small for it. Anyway, it otherwise flew well and came back unscathed. IMG_9022

Soon after that the wind picked up and flights were suspended for the better part of an hour or so. About ten minutes after they resumed it started raining, and ten minutes after that it was deluging, with very high winds. I’d looked at a radar app on my phone and there was nothing there for the previous hour — until suddenly there was a storm cell right there next to Geneseo, minutes away from us, having evidently formed there. I started loading up the car before the rain hit but the last several items got shoved in mid downpour. Back at the hotel I discussed dinner options with Kenny, until we started getting flash flood warning alerts on the cell phone and I decided dinner at the hotel restaurant was in order. (Rainfall in nearby Rochester totaled 1.5″ for the day; 90 miles east, Syracuse broke the record for the date with 2.4″.)

The tent stayed up, it turned out; James Shattell showed up late and tightened up some ropes and it was okay.

Next morning after checking out of the hotel Kenny and I returned to the field, where I flew one more rocket: the Shrockets Sea Sting, on an Aerotech 18 mm D10-5 single use motor. I liked that flight, though the chute shrouds tangled somewhat with the shock cord, and landing was hard enough to knock off a fin piece which I found nearby. It’ll be an easy repair.IMG_9055 IMG_9061

James needed an extra hand or three putting his EZI-65 with a K550 motor on the pad for the mile high contest, so Kenny and I did that. After the flight James and I retrieved the rocket from a low deciduous recovery, and then Kenny and I headed for home.


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