Repairing giveaway rockets (part 2)

Back to fixing up giveaway rockets.

On the Monarch, I’d hoped not to have to do anything about the upper body tube but that was wishful thinking. I twisted it a bit too hard trying to see if the nose cone was glued in (it was) and it collapsed.

So I cut the tube loose and replaced it. But rather than just gluing a piece of tube on, I figured, what’s cooler than a free rocket? A free rocket you can stick a borrowed club altimeter in. So I punched a vent hole and drilled a hole into the nose cone for a screw.And of course I glued the transition to the other end.

I pulled out the remains of the shock cord mount. I still have to replace that, and then do some painting.

As for what used to be a Mongoose sustainer, first I dealt with motor retention. I didn’t like the thought of friction fitting for a kids’ giveaway rocket, so after considering a few other options I decided to go with an external hook. I re-bent the finger on a standard hook to give it a longer reach…IMG_9084… too long, in fact, on the first try; I cut it back some. Then I mounted it to the body tube with some electrical tape and CA.IMG_9085I sanded down the runny paint job on the balsa nose cone. … balsa? That’s not standard for a Mongoose. Neither’s the payload section, which looked pretty grubby.But I figured as long as there was a nose block there I might as well use it. The screw eye was loose, despite being glued in. So I replaced it with a bigger one with coarser threads, which should hold better.

And then I glued that into another payload section with vent hole and screw.I was not too impressed with the peel-and-unstick decals so I peeled them off and will paint everything.

As for the scratch rocket I’ve donated a nose cone. Quick sim indicates it’s actually overstable; no surprise really with those big fins. I decided to fill them with CWF, but the more I think about it the more I think I want to truncate them. Otherwise it’ll weathercock like crazy and the fins will probably break on landing.

The Athena I think I’m just going to repaint.


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