Ranger flight

So I finally have gotten around to flying an altimeter and getting a record of the flight. Here it is.Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.58.18 PMThat’s the Ranger’s altitude in feet versus time in seconds. The downward spike after 0:04 is the result of the ejection — which clearly happened before apogee. Not all that surprisingly. If I’d had three B6-6 I would’ve used them instead of B6-4.

A quick OpenRocket simulation predicts a significantly higher altitude, 498 feet, but I am not sure the simulation’s weight matches the real rocket’s, and then there’s effects of the (unknown strength) wind and (unknown) launch rod angle.

Nothing particularly interesting here, I admit. Just new for me… and a demonstration that this stuff is working, so I’ll be able to apply it toward NARTREK Gold.


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