Repairing giveaway rockets (part 3)

I decided to repaint the Athena but to try to save the self adhesive decals, which were in good shape. Masking them worked pretty well, though the mask on the rear stripe was a little too wide and the mask over the name was not quite cut to the right shape. Still, good enough, I think. The Rusto Gloss White behaved just fine for once, too. That’s the good news…

But rather than trying to undo the shock cord to keep the nose out of the line of paint fire, I thought I’d just mask the nose cone with blue tape, and when I pulled it off some of the chrome came off with it. So I’ll be sanding and repainting the nose.

On the Monarch I’d like to try to salvage a paint job someone put a lot of effort into doing well. I’ll need to find some matching green paint to touch it up. Meanwhile I painted the new payload section, and the white paint continued to do just fine.IMG_9946As for the Mongoose and the scratch build, they’re in primer.



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