Rocketry goals review for June 2016

Back to building and painting!

  • Dual deployment: (Again:) Nothing so far. It’s looking unlikely for this year, too much else going on.
  • Enter at least three club contests, putting some effort into improving my knowledge and skills in those three rocketry areas: Redesigned/repaired the B3S2 (now B3S2a), used it to win the B Streamer Spot Landing, painted it. I think there may have been only three entries in the C Eggloft Duration, and if so, I maybe came in third. Possibly second? But that wasn’t one of my focus contests. Still pretty much procrastinating on the gliders for the July contest, now two weeks away, though I did spend a couple minutes working with the fins for the flex wing booster.
  • NARTREK Gold: Au-198 is done. Altimeter works, and sled’s been modified to fit the Au-198.
  • Complete all rockets in progress or in the build pile as of 1 Jan 2016 (see first 6 entries in table below): Finished the Blenders, Mini Max, and Scion; painted the R13.
  • Adhere to a budget: Over budget on motors and miscellaneous spending, under budget on electronics and supplies, and made an unbudgeted profit on a kit sale. Altogether well under budget.
  • Publish five issues of the club newsletter: Second issue published.
  • Attend NARCON, NYPower, CNYRTC, URRF, and all SRC launches: Skipped URRF. Too much other time spent away in June.
  • Fly lots of stuff: Yes, not as much at the club launch as I would have liked, but good.
  • Have fun: Yes.

2016 build/repair progress:

Rocket Status as of 1 Jul 2016 Notes
In progress as of 1 Jan:
Estes Blenders Done One for me, one for my son.
Estes Scion Done
Excelsior Pink Mini Max Done
In build pile as of 1 Jan:
Excelsior Nike-G Build pile Have decals and Baby Bertha kit, need fin stock.
LOC Precision Norad Build pile
(scratch) R13 Color paint on
Acquired or planning to acquire in 2016 (for goals):
Lindberg Mars Probe Build pile For Sep contest.
PMC #2 Wish list For Sep contest. To be chosen.
(scratch) Au-198 Done NARTREK Gold rocket.
(scratch) B2S3 Done For unvarying May–Oct contest.
(scratch) B streamer spot landing rocket #2 Wish list For unvarying May–Oct contest. Design to be determined,
(scratch) Nymph Build pile For Jul contest.
(scratch) unnamed flexwing boost glider Assembly in progress For Jul contest. One glider built (should make 1 or 2 more), booster assembly in progress.
Acquired or considering acquiring in 2016 (other):
ASP V-2 (18 mm) Build pile
Semroc Blue Bird Zero Build pile
(scratch) C6-3 burner Wish list Working on design.
(scratch) Flake Wish list Working on design.
(scratch) Flat Boy Color paint on
Semroc Point Build pile
New Way Square in the Air Build pile
New Way Too Square Build pile
Planning to repair in 2016 (for goals):
LOC Precision Fantom EXL Repair pile For dual deploy goal. Needs e-bay refit, some repainting.
Considering repairing in 2016 (other):
Binder Design Excel Repair pile Needs (partial) repainting, vinyl decor.
Estes Ventris Repair pile Needs fin fillet paint.
Glencoe Jupiter C Repair pile Needs satellite/4th stage replacement.
Sandman Decals (Excelsior) Honest Goon Repair pile Fix launch rod rubbing on nose cone.
(scratch) Test to Destruction Repair pile Needs fin paint and trim tape stripe.
3D Rocketry Lunar Eclipse Jr. Repair pile Launch lugs replaced, need painting.
Estes Xarconian Cruiser Repair pile Replace lost dowel.
Shrockets Sea Sting Repair pile Reattach fin piece.

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