Building the (scratch) Uff Da (part 4)

The previously Unnamed Flexwing Flyer has now been christened the Uff Da.

I got three fins shaped to what I’m defining as acceptable and glued them down on a 14″ piece of T-5. The Estes fin fixture’s designed for flat 3/32″ and 1/8″ fins, not shaped 1/16″ fins, so I did it the old fashioned way, by eyeball.

IMG_9965Shock cord was set into one of the fillets. Thinner Kevlar thread would’ve been a better choice but this is what I had.IMG_9966 This rocket gets a dedicated streamer, 1″ by 10″ of Mylar.IMG_9969 I pressed in some accordion folds.IMG_9972 That’s it — well, still haven’t added any color to the glider, but other than that, done. My rocket has no nose. Smells terrible. No finish either.My first attempt at that photo was with a white backdrop. Ha ha. Rocket disappeared. Hm, may need some Sharpie stripes on the booster too.


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