Building the LOC Norad (part 1)

While glue on the Nymph was drying I decided to get a start on the LOC Norad. The R13 and the Mars Probe are higher priority but they need full attention for a longer period. The Norad I can spend odd moments on.

When I bought the Norad last year at a club meeting out of a donated stash, it was open and the centering ring was missing. I bought a replacement. Actually I bought two replacements, because LOC sells them in pairs, but the Norad uses only one. Wonder if I’ll ever find a use for the other one? (And if I’ll be able to find it if I do?)

Step 1 is to cut the motor tube to length, which surprised me. I’m used to tubes being cut to length already in kits. No problem, just didn’t expect it. Then the centering ring goes on.

The other thing I did was to cut the holes for the motor tube in the plastic transition.IMG_0013They hit one of my pet peeves in the instructions. “Using a Dremel tool…” Using what accessory in a Dremel tool? I only have about twenty of them. I actually started the hole with a ¾” spade bit, then tried several Dremel accessories before settling on a coarse sanding drum. And that’s it for now.


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