Building the (scratch) R13 (part 9)

Hey, what’s this? My rocket has holes in it!IMG_0433Question is, though: Does it play?

Sort of. Badly. But it plays.

I neglected to try out the cheapo mouthpiece on a real clarinet before gluing it to the rocket, so I don’t know how much blame to assign to it. I thought the tone holes would be large enough, because they’re similar in size to a real clarinet’s, but then it occurred to me the bore is much larger than a real clarinet’s (the tube being made of cardboard, not a chunk of wood) so maybe the tone holes should be larger too. Of course the bell is obstructed by the bulkhead but that shouldn’t matter much except for the lowest few notes, and I did drill some extra holes at the bottom on the back to vent them. I dunno. I’ve made better clarinets than this out of PVC. But that it plays at all is enough… assuming it flies at all, too.


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