Building the (scratch) R13 (part 10)

I have a cheap metal ligature to go with the cheap mouthpiece, but a strict reading of the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code would prohibit using it. I might get away with it but why get into it? Instead I invented the electrical tape ligature for which future generations of clarinetists will thank me. Yes, this thing’s flying with a reed; why wouldn’t it? A $20 Legere (as badly as it plays with a #2 Legere, it does worse with the #2½ cane reeds I have) so I’d better not lose this one. Over that I taped a mouthpiece cap.IMG_0467I rigged up a shock cord. I’d already attached a long piece of Kevlar but decided to shorten it and tie on elastic. There’s limited room for a chute so after consulting my graph I made up a 15″ Mylar chute. It fits.

I haven’t put any clear coat on and I’m debating whether I want to or not. I might. Otherwise it’s done.IMG_0473 One of these is a rocket, the other’s a clarinet. Can you spot the difference?IMG_0470

Edit: I forgot to mention I checked the center of gravity and it’s proportionally further forward than on the prototype, the Rxiiiab. I’d had thoughts of epoxying lead shot into the mouthpiece cap, but looks like I don’t need to. Oh, by the way, “Rxiiiab” = “R13 A♭“. Now it can be told.


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