Building the LOC Norad (part 3)

This is from a good while ago, but I haven’t gotten around to writing it up until now. Or haven’t worked up the will to write it up given how bad it is, or something.

The Norad has through the wall fins. But unlike most such kits I’ve seen, where the fins have rectangular tabs shorter than the root edges, these fins are just trapezoids. That means, of necessity, some of the fin slots will be exposed after the fins are glued in. Compounding that, the slots are longer than they need to be.

Another consequence of all that, which I didn’t think about, is that the forward/backward positions of the fins are not very well constrained. So you have to take care to make sure they’re set as far back as possible with no slot showing at the trailing end of the root.IMG_0474 Kind of not like that.

Really. How did I manage to get that careless? Of course I didn’t notice until the epoxy had set. I can think of no way to fix this short of trying to saw the fin off flush at the root edge and re-glue it to itself, effectively making it a surface mount fin — and, I’m very sure, an untidy one. At best.

Then there’s option 2: cover it up and hope no one notices. In truth, as awful as it looks here, my guess is once I finish it I’ll forget it happened. Close examination will reveal the asymmetry but it won’t be obvious. Nor will it significantly affect how it flies, I think.

Here’s the forward fin slots. Like I said, the slots were cut longer than necessary.IMG_0477That’s all I’ve done, and I won’t be doing more any time very soon; higher priorities exist.


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