Building the LOC Norad (part 4)

The instructions tell you to fill the exposed slots with ‘1/8″ x 1/8″ fin/slot filler’; whatever that is, it wasn’t present in my opened kit. I’m guessing it was just 1/8″ x 1/8″ spruce or basswood. I had some basswood, and I used that.

It was a snug fit in the slots. I held it in place with tape, but I’m not sure I needed to. When you do this you want to make sure not to press too much on the filler or it will fall inside the fin can and be impossible to extract, so it’ll just rattle embarrassingly forever after.

Go ahead. Ask me how I know.

img_1769 I used medium CA to glue the filler in place, then removed the tape before it could get glued in place, then used more CA where the tape was. Some of the filler pieces were a little proud of the surface, some a little low. CWF and sanding took care of both.

I think, on the whole, I don’t want to build another fin can in this way.

After drilling holes for rail buttons I put the rocket on the rotisserie for priming, and then realized I hadn’t yet put fillets on the fins. So I did some outdoor filleting. Titebond No Run No Drip. I didn’t feel like dealing with epoxy. I hope that’s okay.2016-09-17-11-33-41And didn’t prime it, because I wanted to give the glue time to dry thoroughly.



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