Small Sounding Rockets

Richard Morrow writes;
Please let your scale model and history buffs know that Small Sounding Rockets c2000 is now back in print. The companion CD has many color photos and enlargeable drawings of the vehicles in the book. New to the Small Sounding Rockets companion CD is an exhaustive library of blueprints of the Cooper Development Corporation ASP-I (Plumbob), SCAMP, and ASCAMP with the sampler (diffuser)  nose. The most complete data on the Terrapin is also included.
You can learn more by writing

One thought on “Small Sounding Rockets

  1. Can’t thank you enough for posting about this awesome resource – my copy came yesterday and its been tough getting much done around the house. Yes, it takes a being a bit of a nerd to get so absorbed in old engineering drawings of obsolete sounding rockets that the grass doesn’t get mowed but there you have it! The price if the book, CD, and shipping might seem high but there’s plenty if value for your dollar.

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